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Ministers of Godrergraig Chapel


Godrergraig Chapel began as an offshoot of Pantteg Chapel, and was established as a chapel in its own right at the end of 1913.

Dec 1913 - 1918 Rev Ellis Parry
Sep 1924 - Dec 1925 Rev David T Rees
1931 - 1943 Rev James Davies
1943 - ???? Rev B Llewelyn Evans
July 1951 - ???? Rev T J Roberts

As can be seen there are gaps of several years in the list where one assumes that the chapel was served by the minister of Pantteg.

Ellis Parry

Ellis Parry was ordained as Minister of Godrergraig Chapel in December 1913, and served in that role during the course of the First World War. From July 1915, he also held the pastorate of Brynawel Church in a joint ministry. He left sometime in 1918 to work for the Y.M.C.A. instead.

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David T Rees

There seems to be some confusion as to the role of Rev David T Rees at Godrergraig Chapel. He is noted as being ordained there in April 1918, and as being of there at the time of the death of his little daughter in December 1918, but the news article on his own death in 1925 says that he "only took charge of" the chapel in September 1924 (and that he had been ordained in 1914).

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James Davies

James Davies took charge of Godrergraig Chapel in 1931, after it had been six years without a minister of its own after the death of David T Rees. James Davies was there for twelve years, before leaving to take up the ministry of Bethesda chapel, Merthyr.

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B Llewelyn Evans

B Llewelyn Evans was minister of Godrergraig Chapel from 1943. He had moved on to Maenclochog by 1951 when his successor at Godrergraig was inducted.

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T J Roberts

T J Roberts was the fifth minister of Godrergraig Chapel, being inducted in 1951.

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