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Rev Ellis Parry, Godrergraig Chapel

Reverend Ellis Parry was the first minister of Godrergraig Chapel, after it completed its independence from Pantteg Chapel, Ystalyfera. He served from the end of 1913 to 1918

by John Henry DAVIES - page167

In 1913, Mr Ellis Parry, a student of Carmarthen College, accepted a call and his ordination took place in December. His ministry was happy and prosperous but in 1918 he left to give his service to the Y.M.C.A.

From the Llais 6th February 1915 we learn that Ellis Parry, whilst remaining as pastor of Godrergraig Chapel, also took on the ministry of Brynawel Church:-

The Rev Ellis Parry pastor of the Godre'rgraig Congregational Church has accepted the joint pastorate of Brynawel Ystradgynlais but this will not materially interfere with his work at Godre'rgraig, which will be carried on as before.
The local church has made great progress under his care, there having been an almost constant monthly increase in membership.

The Brynawel Church has extended a unanimous invitation to the Rev Ellis Parry of Godre'rgraig to become joint minister of the Godre'rgraig and Brynawel Ystradgynlais Churches. We are informed that Mr Parry has accepted the call. The induction services will take place next month when local ministers will officiate.

From the Labour Voice 8th April 1916

Next Sunday Godre'rgraig church will hold special meetings to celebrate the paying off of the chapel debt. The preachers will be Rev Ben Davies pastor of the mother church at Pantteg who laboured incessantly during the last few years to organise and initiate a much-needed cause at Godre'rgraig. The other well-known preacher is the Rev E Keri Evans MA Carmarthen. It was eight years ago when this young and growing church built their chapel at a cost of between £700 and £800.

About 2 and a half years ago the Rev Ellis Parry was ordained as their first permanent minister and during the short time has received over 60 new members. There is every reason to believe that in a few years they'll be a very strong church at Godre'rgraig.

The same edition of the Labour Voice (8th April 1916) also mentioned the members of the congregation who were in the army:

During the last few weeks several concerts have been held in Godre'rgraig Chapel in honour of the soldiers who returned home on short leave from the front. Valuable gifts such as a Bible, wristwatch, purses etc have been presented to them as a mark of admiration which the inhabitants feel towards those who are fighting bravely for our home and country. May they all return home safe.

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