History and Heritage

Ystalyfera Then and Now

Old Wern School

Old Wern School, Pantteg, Ystalyfera is long gone. The view on the right looks towards its site, which is now Deeley Road, Ystalyfera.

Central Stores, Pantteg

Central Stores, Pantteg, Ystalyfera as seen in their heyday, and now the bus stop and open space that stands at the site they used to occupy.

Coffin Row, Ystalyfera

Lloyd Buildings, known as Coffin Row, Ystalyfera stood on the slope down to the lower town, where now there is a walkway and a mural. The view on the left is looking at them, ready for demolition, with the spire of Saint David's Church behind them, whilst the view on the right is looking back at where they stood from outside Saint David's.

Cyfyng Road Crossing, Ystalyfera

Cyfyng Road Crossing, Pantteg, Ystalyfera was removed by request in 2005 when there was no longer a need for it.

Ystalyfera Swimming Pool

Ystalyfera Swimming Pool in the lower town was a lido-type open air pool built during the 1930s. It was demolished in 1997 and replaced with a Community Council Play Area with facilities for skateboarding and rollerblading.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church, Pantteg, Ystalyfera was demolished in 1988, and in 2004 a memorial garden was consecrated in its place.

English Congregational Church

English Congregational Church, Ystalyfera was demolished in 2005, though the land remains unused to this day, and is a fenced-off piece of open ground opposite Ystalyfera War Memorial.


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