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Saint David's Church, Ystalyfera
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Saint David's Church, Ystalyfera, was frequently mentioned in the local Llais newspaper. While some of these articles are extracted elsewhere if they pertain to the erection or investiture of commemorative features, or the induction or retirement of vicars, a lot of other articles pertained to the day-to-day operation of the church, with its organisations, guilds, and celebrations. We have selected a number of these type of articles to appear on this page to illustrate the larger life of the church in the period covered by this website.

From the South Wales Voice Saturday 27th January 1940 came an article on a night of debates at the Saint David's Church Guild:-


A series of debates was given by members of the above guild on Tuesday last to appreciative audience.
Thed ebates were, "Should bicycles be taxed" by Miss D. Gabe, who took the affirmative, and Miss M Edington who took the negative side; "Should voting be compulsory" by Miss Ph. Orford, affirmative, and Miss E. Daniels, negative; "Should caning or corporal punishment be abolished in school", Mr F. Wallace, affirmative, and Mr W. Edington, negative; "Which has the decisive influencce upon the formation of a child's character, the home or school", the Rev R. Rees took the homes, while the Rev I.F. Jones, A.K.C., took the school. Others who spoke were Mr B. Broome, Mr D. Lewis, Mrs T. Hicks, and Miss M. Gabe.
A vote of thanks to those who took part was proposed by the Rev. J.G. Hughes, B.A., vicar, and this was seconded by Mrs H. Seymour.
Next week a devotional service will be held on Tuesday night. On Tuesday, February 6th, a fancy Dress Ball will be held when prizes will be given. Admission will be 3s.


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