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Gleision Disaster Memorials

On 15th September 2011, tragedy hit the Gleision mine near Ystalyfera when it was flooded, resulting in the deaths of 4 much missed men. We have a remembrance feature focused on the memorials, and to remembering friends and family lost on that sad day.

Quotes on a white background below are from the personal memorial, remembering friends and family.
Please Note: we are putting this personal memorial online at the request of its creator.

Opposite the memorial from Ystalyfera Community Council, is a more personal memorial, created by and tended by friends and family of the men who died at Gleision. A plaque on the side of the memorial says:-

Good friends are like stars. You don't have to see them to know they are there.

That Fateful Day is a personal reminiscence by the best friend of one of the miners who died at Gleision. It begins with a heartfelt thanks to the emergency services and everyone who tried to help that day:-

This is for the emergency services, Police, Ambulance, air ambulance, Fire Brigade, Miners rescue and Cave rescue. To all the people of Rhos community centre and the surrounding areas, because all of you gave your best effforts and rallied around the miners families that day to support and comfort us.

The Gleision Memorials are located opposite Gnoll Road, Godre'rgraig. The memorial from Ystalyfera Community Council is on the left, the personal tribute is on the right.

R.I.P. 4 brave men 15th Sept 2011
Dai. Charlie. Garry. Phill.

From 'That Fateful Day' comes a heartflet thanks for the efforts during the rescue:-

The young mine rescuer who was only 18 years old, went home a man 36 hours later. Never will he see anything like that again in his life, or nobody else either, I pray. Well done, was proud of you and everybody else.

From 'That Fateful Day' comes an evocative rendering of coal mining at Gleision:-

The mine is a very slippery surface, most places you can only just walk down with your back doubled up and holding on to the time to steady you. The same as all the other small mines, dangerous but can bring you lots of fun, new mates and good pay. The method of getting coal from the face is the same now as it was 50-60 years ago, shovel, pick and timber.

From 'That Fateful Day' :-

The world prayed for a happy ending, but it wasn't to be, but we never bloody gave up, neither did anyone else. Thanks for your prayers, the World.

To the left is a personal reminiscence by the best friend of one of the miners who died that day. We will let it speak for itself.

Photographs of the miners and their families:-

The official Gleision memorial erected by Ystalyfera Community Council.

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